NutPanda Blueprint: The Tech Behind

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See what makes NutPanda.


Many of you might have thought what technologies we use here at NutPanda, right? Well you must have liked our user interface and speed, well that’s just because of our tech partners who made NutPanda happen.

Earlier we guys used to develop custom WordPress sites, but with NutPanda we wanted something way better. We needed great design, an awesome load time and for sure very secure environment.

WordPress websites tend to be slow and prone to hackers, but yes WordPress is a great CMS, but we had to sacrifice that just to make a great website.

We decided to go with the static trend inspired by Smashing Magazine.

NutPanda is completely built with HTML, CSS, JS and bootstrap. A great thanks to HTML5UP for the design, but there are more awesome things at backend too.

Static is the new dynamic, great speed and great security.

So here goes the list of companies who helped NutPanda happen.


As we were going with the static approach we decided to ditch normal hosting provider and go with a CDN integrated storage. We used GitHub Pages to store our HTML files and few CSS files.

Update: We now only use GitHub Pages for testing purpose.



Cloudflare is well known brand. We needed Cloudflare at front end so that we could have a SSL on our site as GitHub Pages does not support SSL. Cloudflare was a great solution for that.

Also, Cloudflare is our DNS provider which helps resolving all DNS request at low latency worldwide.

Update: This has been discountinued by us and we use them only as our DNS provider but we must say, they have a great service.



BunnyCDN is a new CDN provider in market. Also, they have CDN integrated storage too. We decided to choose BunnyCDN to store our images, JavaScript’s and other assets. It also acts as our CDN to load images and codes across the globe at high speed.

BunnyCDN along with Cloudflare helps us achieve loading speed. We were impressed with the speed BunnyCDN loads our content across the globe. We found it a better choice than CloudFront which is a tad pricier.



You guys might not have heard about them, but they provide great solution for developers. Netlify is great static hosting service provider. Recently they have improved a lot and are extremely good for static CMS.

We did not use their hosting solution though, but they helped us with their redirect feature. We just loved it. Thanks a lot, Netlify for the redirection feature. One word for Netlify, “AWESOME”.



Namecheap is quite nice domain registrar. We chose Namecheap as our registrar because of reliable support and low-cost privacy protection. If you gotta register a domain, give them a try. You won’t regret. Also, Namecheap support DNSSEC which helps us securing our DNS.



Mailchimp a smart email delivery system. It’s very helpful to manage our VIP subscriber list and deliver them great content. Mailchimp does a great job also it can integrate with your site also you can automatically deliver mail as per your needs.

When talking about Mailchimp, have you subscribed to our VIP mailing list, if not go and subscribe. We promise no spam and just awesome exclusive content.


That’s all we use at NutPanda, thanks to all these brands for helping us and thanks to you for taking interest in us and spending your time reading this.

All comments and suggestion are welcome via email, link in footer.