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The web of which we all are so addicted of now was founded way back in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. The web has seen great evolutions over this period. Some good some bad, some loved some hatred. Today I’m writing this policy for the new web so that we can make it “Great” again.

We never wanted this kind of web, full of cross-site tracking, UI blocking and irrelevant ads and site full of cookies. Also poorly designed websites which do nothing good other than making the visitor cry.

I alone can’t change the web of million strong sites but together we could, and we will.

Let’s pledge together to say “NO” to:

All developers and webmasters reading this, please try to contribute and help us to make the web great again.

I understand that we said no to many things which are the basic needs of the new sites like analytics and advertisement. We got ethical solution for all of them. Let’s see.

Minimal Analytics

We all know how important a user’s data is and we must respect their privacy. Keeping this in mind, let’s together move to the path of minimal analytics and only capture the basic bare minimum data. Nothing less nothing more. Analytics were meant to help the webmaster know more about its user to serve visitors better. It was never created with the thought of interfering with someone’s privacy, please respect that.


Minimal Analytics

You can easily establish this by using new gen privacy focused analytics like Simple Analytics and Fathom. If you are a Google Analytics fan, then you can use IP Anonymization to ensure this.

No Pop-Up

Pop-up’s were never meant to be good. They are crappy. Please don’t use pop-up’s instead try to add a section on your page for the same. It would be very much appreciable by your visitors.



Still if you wish to use them, keep two things in mind. Say no to entry and exit pop up. Also, whenever you show a pop-up, add value to it. Do read this guide by Optimonk to know how to create user friendly pop-ups.

Ethical Ads

At some point of our life we all have had very bad experience with ads on sites shown by Taboola and Google Ads. Most of them are just based on past searches or just irrelevant. Also, they make the webpage look crappy. There is nothing wrong in using ads on your site but it’s wrong if your ad interferes with your visitor’s experience or privacy. Always remember if you are on the web then its first job to satisfy the user. Trust me you won’t be at a loss.


Ethical Ads

The solution is to say no to ads but those whose revenue depends upon ads can switch to ethical ad network like Carbon Ads or just sell custom ad spaces to sponsors.

UI/UX That Doesn’t Suck

Do you hate visiting a site which makes you feel sick of its UI? I too feel the same and have seen plenty of sites which still have the look of 90s or aren’t still mobile friendly.



I understand, not everyone is a great developer and that’s the reason tools like Webflow and Carrd exists. Do use them if you suck at web design. Also, a thing to remember, when I talk about UX I do mean the site’s load time to. Lesser is better. Also you guys must read this guide on user experience enhancement by HubSpot.

That’s all for now, comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated over mail. Also here is checklist for you.

So that’s it but just in case if you ever feel struck or wish to validate your changes feel free to mail us. We would be more than happy to help you with. We are also thinking of building a directory of sites which has been rocking the user satisfaction “thing”, what’s say?

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