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Ever heard of ChemiCloud?
ChemiCloud Logo I guess you haven’t. This is new brand which is quickly gaining market reputation. Though they are not as popular A2 hosting or SiteGround, but they are steadily making their way to the spotlight. We did our own research on this new host and came up with an unbiased review of ChemiCloud. We looked all user reviews, twitter tags to come up to a proper result.

ChemiCloud is the newest player in this category, let's see how they perform.

There are few mentionable things about ChemiCloud, all their servers are HTTP/2 enabled, free domain name, daily free backup and restore, a fast-responding support, same renewal price and a long 45 days moneyback guarantee. They are also one of the few cloud shared hosting provider in our list, cloud hosting ensures better allocation of resources and higher uptime. We put their servers and service on test to see if it reaches our standards and let’s see if we can recommend this to our readers.

Chemicloud feature

ChemiCloud also provides multiple server location so the datacentre is always close to your target audience. They have their server location in Singapore(SG), New York(US), London(UK), Bucharest(RO) and Toronto(CA).

Key Features

  • Free site transfer and installation.
  • 45-Days moneyback guarantee.
  • All SSD hosting.
  • Daily backup.
  • Restore on demand.
  • Free 30-Days trial.
  • Cloud hosting.


Loading time of a website does matter when you are expecting a better conversion rate. As fast loading site makes your visitors happy and converts your visitors in your customers. It has also been clearly stated that load speed is a ranking factor in Google search.

ChemiCloud does well in our response time test. We got an average response time of 490ms which was at par with other hosting providers. As ChemiCloud is a cloud hosting provider, hence it also ensures that your site will always get access to its allotted resources, so it can work at it best. You also get access to free CDN which helps to load your site to load faster by caching your content to a server near your visitor. All their servers are also HTTP/2 ready which enables you to have a better performing site as compared to old HTTP/1.1.

ChemiCloud Performance


Uptime is the backbone of every online business. An independent research done in 2013 showed that a downtime of 1 minute can cost you 7900$. Uptime does matter when you expect to have a high conversion rate. ChemiCloud provides an uptime SLA of 99.9% on paper. We were regularly monitoring their servers to keep a track of their uptime in real world.

We got an average uptime of 99.98%, surprisingly it was way above our expectation. This is achieved by isolating each hosting account, so any individual doesn’t affect the whole server. They also have reboot less Kernel Care security which installs all security patches on a running server without any downtime. Custom in-house mod-sec codes have also been written so it mitigates all bad bots and encourages the entry of healthy traffic. Apart from all this, the servers are monitored 24x7, so any unwanted issue can be solved in an instance for security of your online storefront. You can also have a look at their present uptime result in on our site.

ChemiCloud Uptime


Support is an important aspect of any hosting service when it's time for a non-techy person manages a website. The word “website” itself is enough to make you understand, that one will surely need a helpful technical support team at service to sort problems out.

ChemiCloud Features

ChemiCloud has a 24x7 support team for their customers. You can expect an average response time of 15 minutes when contacted through ticket and 2 seconds when contacted through live chat. You can stay relax and we assure you that you can expect a better support as compared to major EIG companies.


ChemiCloud has created multiple plans along with multiple price range. These plans are crated to fit any budget, but there is one special thing; “The renewal price remains the same.”

ChemiCloud also has a specialized WordPress hosting plan which has been designed for bloggers. They are hosted on seperate servers which are specially tuned for WordPress sites so they could load faster and rank better. You also get free theme installation along with WP-CLI (Command Line Interface) to manage your site. These plans start from $3.95/mo. and go upto $14.95/mo..

If you are looking for something cheaper you might want to have a look at our HostSoch review as their plan $1.6/mo. also you can get free domain name with hosting plan which would cost you mere $28/mo. it’s a great option for beginners.

Their plans for shared Linux plan start from $2.95/mo. and shared WordPress hosting start from $3.95/mo. and I guess prices are pretty must competitive.
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Shared Pricing

Name Description Price
Ionic 1 website & 5GB space $2.95/mo.
Neutronic 5 sites & 10GB space $4.95/mo.
Protonic Multiple sites & 20GB space $8.95/mo.
Molecular Multiple sites & 40GB space $13.95/mo.


  • All SSD hosting.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers.
  • Free site migration.
  • Free 30-Days trial.
  • NGINX webserver in reverse proxy.
  • 45-Days money back guarantee.
  • Free daily backup.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Variable pricing according to time period.
  • No unlimited* storage option.

User Tweets


Same Renewal Price

You must have encountered with a host who provide hosting at extremely cheap rate, but the thing is price increases at time of renewal. You might see a price hike up to 200%, isn’t that bad?

Free Backup

You always need to have a backup of your site and its database for security basis, so no data is lost. ChemiCloud provides a free backup and your backup is saved for 30 days. The restore option is simple too, which can be done through cPanel. Simple and hassle-free.

HTTP/2 Enabled

HTTP/2 is newly evolved internet protocol based on Google’s SPDY. It is said to be 35% faster than the older HTTP/1.1. When implemented, your site can load much faster and it is secured as it requires an encrypted connection.

Free SSL and CDN

Google has already stated that they need all sites to use SSL and it is going to be a ranking factor. ChemiCloud provides you free SSL via Let’s Encrypt. Along with free SSL you get access to free security using web application firewall.

Cloudflare WAF
Img: Cloudflare

You also get free CDN service from Cloudflare. CDN caches your content over global network of servers and serves your static content to your visitors from the nearest server, hence providing a better performance.

Free 30-Days trial

You must have seen all hosting providers providing you a moneyback guarantee but you need to pay first, so you can see if they are good or not. ChemiCloud provides you a 30 days trial offer so you can use their service for 30 days without paying. It's great considering you get 30 days free trial along with 45 days of moneyback guarantee.


Limited Storage

Just like SiteGround, ChemiCloud also has limited storage options. All their shared plans have limited storage option of 5, 10, 20 and 40 gigabytes. Though it’s enough for normal site but can cause issue for a site which large media content.

Our Verdict

ChemiCloud is a great option if you are starting new site or looking for a host who have same renewal price. You can expect a good support from them along with a considerable good performance. You can also look at our web performance optimization guide to make you site run faster.

Bonus Info: Always use a CDN with your website, it helps to make it faster and secure. Free Cloudflare plan is also recommended.