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Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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Flaunt7 Logo Finding the right host can be a really tiring and hectic task, especially when you are in a tight budget. Also, not all hosting provider are “Great Hosting Provider”.

So, what makes a hosting provider great?

Well answer is simple, great performance, knowledgeable support staff and a promising uptime. Fulfilling all these requirements we have Flaunt7 Hosting review.

They turned out to be a good service provider with all Intel CPUs, a hundred percent SSD storage and free SSL certificate (really easy to install, TRUST ME).

Key Features

  • Free site transfer and installation.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • All SSD hosting.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free Domain (except personal plan).


Maintaining a nice performing website is very much important, after all Google has already stated website speed to be a ranking factor. Also, slow sites have a higher bounce rate. Hence site speed affects your search ranking directly as well as indirectly. With Flaunt7 you get the advantage of all SSD based servers, which have a high read write speed. We are getting an average response time of 390ms – 510ms in our test. You can se the present data here.

All Flaunt7 servers are HTTP/2 compatible which is latest protocol. HTTP/2 increases the website load time as it enables the browser to load multiple links from same domain. In simple words HTTP/2 is multitasking of loading various required script from the same root domain.

Flaunt7 Performance


Who wants to visit a website which is not accessible frequently? Certainly no one. Uptime plays an important role in your website conversion rate. A site like Amazon can lose millions if they have a downtime of even few seconds. Even though you might not lose in millions, but money is money. We were experiencing an uptime of 99.95% but there can be cases of scheduled maintenance. You can see the live data here.

Flaunt7 Uptime


With Flaunt7 you get an 24x7x365 customer support. They have support in form of live chat, mail and ticketing system. Though they have a good response time, but we found them to be much faster when contacted via e-mail. The support is friendly in most cases.


Flaunt7 has managed to create a really aggressive price range. Their shared plan with SSD storage start from $0.99/mo. which is equal to 67 INR per month. Dirt cheap isn’t it? They do have higher plans for more demanding sites with guaranteed pMEM of 15 GB and 3.5 cores for ultra-fast computing.

I still remember those days when I asked my parent for 3000INR for a shared hosting, believe me that was way too tough to get.

Shared Pricing

Name Description Price
Personal 128MB RAM & 0.25 CPU Cores $0.99/mo.
StartUp 1GB RAM & 0.85 CPU Cores $3.99/mo.
StartUp Pro 2GB RAM & 1.2 CPU Cores $7.99/mo.
Business 3.5GB RAM & 1.8 CPU Cores $13.99/mo.
Business Pro 7GB RAM & 2.5 CPU Cores $27.99/mo.
Enterprise 15GB RAM & 3.5 CPU Cores $47.99/mo.


  • Pocket friendly pricing.
  • Free site migration.
  • All SSD storage.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers.


  • Unclear Terms and Conditions.


Affordable pricing

Flaunt7 have been one of the most affordable hosting provider listed on our site. Like seriously, $0.99/mo. and yes, it’s not any promotional offer. You renew at the exact same amount. Also, the price does not come at a cost of low performance.


Google has already stated HTTPS and site loading time to be a ranking factor. With Flaunt7 you get free SSL by Let’s Encrypt and CDN from Cloudflare.

Img: Cloudflare

When CDN is active it caches all your static content across Cloudflare’s 100+ PoPs. This helps to increase your load time. Also Cloudflare acts as a web application firewall and stands in front of your website blocking bad bots and DDoS attacks till certain extent.


HTTP/2 is a new protocol which came in the year 2015. It soon proved to be a huge leap forward from its predecessor HTTP/1.1 which had come in year 1999. Akamai has said HTTP/2 to be the future of internet. Some benefits of HTTP/2 is concurrency and header compression. Also using server push the server can even send resources which are not even requested hence speeding up the process. HTTP/2 performs better than HTTP/1.1, instead of client request to assets the server simply “push” the resources. This avoids round trip.


All SSD Storage

Those rotating hard drives are things from past. SSD have now taken the place. They have proved to have high read/write speed. With no moving parts, hey have been more reliable too.

But how is that going to benefit you?

SSD can make your site faster by up to 300%. As they have higher read speed than HDD, so your website’s data is fetch and sent faster.


Auto Backup Policy

Flaunt7 does provide you with free automatic backup but before that you must read their “Term of Service”, it says your site won’t be backed up if its size goes above 2GB. Hence, we advise you to use a free automatic backup service which can save the backup at Google Drive or else you can manually do that.

Our Verdict

Flaunt7 is a good for anyone who all are planning to begin with their digital journey. Though they are a good host, we still recommend our users to read their TOS and privacy policy before you choose them.

Bonus Info: Always use a CDN with your website, it helps to make it faster and secure. Free Cloudflare plan is also recommended.