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Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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I guess you haven't have heard of this brand.
HostSoch Logo HostSoch is the only Indian brand in the list and we were impressed by their pricing and offering. HostSoch was founded in the year 2012 by WebSoch IT Solutions to deliver a cost-effective web hosting solution to the businesses of all sizes. Since then they have been providing pocket friendly hosting packages which we think is great for beginners.

As we saw lack of genuine content, so we brought HostSoch hosting review which is truly based on our in house testing.

Budget friendly host for beginners.

They provide various types of shared hosting; shared Linux, Windows, Php, cPanel, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento hosting. Their servers readily support Zend optimizer and Ioncube optimizer.

Key Features

  • Budget friendly pricing.
  • Helpful support team.
  • Automatic daily and weekly backup.
  • Hardware and software scaled for speed.
  • Free malware scanner.
  • Pearl, Python and Ruby support.


HostSoch is extremely cheap, so we didn’t think of getting a fast response time. We did monitor their services and in our test, we found an average response time of somewhat 900ms. We know that the scores where not anything one needs but did few tweaks and enabled Cloudflare and the response time got decreased to 480ms which was cool for the budget.

Performance on a cheap host can simply be made better by optimizing the images, adding a CDN and installing a caching plugin and if possible minifying the code. You can see present data here.Just in case you have a larger budget and you are looking for WordPress optimized web servers then I insist you to have a look at the ChemiCloud Review as they have dedicated WP hosting solutions.

HostSoch Performance

They have basically four plans starter, advanced, business and pro. The starter gets 500MB of pMEM and single core, advanced gets the same but it can have multiple domains, both have 2GB vMEM. The business and pro get same vMEM, business plan has 1GB pMEM and single core while pro gets 2GB pMEM and dual core. Their servers run on famous LAMP bundle; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.


Though we were testing a cheap hosting, we were not in a mood to have high downtime as it is a basic need of every online business. An independent test by Rand Group showed that an hour of downtime can cost you up to 100,000$. HostSoch has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. We were monitoring their servers and in our test, we got an average uptime of 99.91% which is good as per their promise and trend in the market. More data can be seen here.

HostSoch Uptime


Support is an essential feature of every hosting service. HostSoch provides support in form of tickets, chat and call (Indian customers only). The support team of HostSoch is knowledgeable and helpful when asked for a query. They have a 24*7 technical team ready. You can also use their chat feature, we never had to wait more than 30 seconds to get a reply from their agents.
We personally tried reaching them and as expected we got an instant support from them and the issue was soon solved.


It is the field where HostSoch wins the game. No other provider in our list was able to provide a reliable hosting solution at this price. They have enabled everyone to get a server and work on their projects by their affordable pricing. Their services start from 99INR/mo. or 1.60USD/mo., which is cheap in accordance to me.
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Hosting Pricing

Name Description Price
Starter Single site with 1GB space. INR 99/mo.
Advanced Single site with unlimited disk usage. INR 149/mo.
Business Three sites with unlimited disk space. INR 229/mo.
Pro Multiple sites with unlimited disk space. INR 329/mo.


  • Budget friendly
  • Knowledgeable support.
  • Reliable uptime.
  • Free SSL & site migration.


  • Slow response time.

What’s good about HostSoch

Free Domain Name

Free domain name might not sound a great deal for you guys, but you should keep in mind that you are paying only 28$/year (approximate cost). A domain name generally cost 12$/year so it’s a great deal. Along with free domain name you also get domain privacy protection free of cost.

HostSoch Features

Free CDN and SSL

CDN stands for content delivery network, it is designed to help site load faster is location far away from origin server. You get free CDN from Cloudflare when you host with HostSoch. This will ensure that your site will make visitors happy by loading fast.

Cloudflare Working
Img: Cloudflare

SSL has already become an important factor with the new chrome update. You need to have a SSL certificate to rank well too. Google has already stated that they need all sites to use SSL and it is going to be a ranking factor. HostSoch provides free SSL through Auto SSL and Let’s Encrypt on their Linux and Windows hosting plans respectively.

Same Renewal Price

Hosting companies tends to increase their service price by double or triple when you are about to renew your hosting plan. HostSoch does this thing good by keeping the price same on renewal too. That’s great right?

Free R1Soft Backup

Keeping a backup of your online business is very much important. You cannot always rely on technology, any technical issue on a server can lead to corrupted files. HostSoch understands this and provides you free backup and restore via R1Soft.

Light on pocket

HostSoch provides great budget hosting solutions. It’s a great for students who don’t have much of money to invest or for people who want to have try on what’s there. It’s a great option for beginners too.

What’s Not Good about HostSoch

Slow Loading time

All good at this price point is impossible. HostSoch servers a slower than competition hence you must bear that. You can read our web performance optimization guide to get the best out of it. Try to use free CDN from Cloudflare so that your site runs fast. To do a better optimization read our web performance optimization guide.

The speedtest had a bit slow results as the origin server was in India and test server was in Canada.

Our Verdict

HostSoch has proven to be reliable and budget friendly host. We recommend HostSoch to all the beginners or the ones with a tight budget to go for it and combine it with some server optimization techniques.

Bonus Info: Always use a CDN with your website, I helps to make its faster and secure. Free Cloudflare plan is also recommended .