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Rated 4.2 out of 5

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HostWinds Logo Hostwinds is one of the well-known hosting brands focused on speed. Their motive is to provide you with incredible site speed for the ultimate visitor experience. Their plans include greater stability, faster transfer speed, no delays and increased security.

We did our own independent test and brought an unbiased review of Hostwinds for our readers.

We didn’t find any genuine Hostwinds review, so we brought an unbiased review for our readers.

Hostwinds promises high uptime and great performance in all its shared plans.

Hostwinds has two major datacentres one in Dallas, Texas (Test IP: and other in Seattle Washington (Test IP: They got the PCMag’s editors’ choice award too. Their plans come with 60-Days moneyback guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features

  • All SSD hosting.
  • 60-Days moneyback guarantee.
  • Apache servers tuned for performance.
  • Server security optimized to keep sites secure.


Performance plays a significant role in the conversion rate. Will you buy something which takes decades to load? Obviously not. An independent research showed that Amazon would lose $1.6 million if it slowed by 1 second. I believe that we are not as big as Amazon but still our revenue matters.

Hostwinds has focused a lot on speed optimization. We were monitoring their servers to find out their average response time, the average response time we got in the test was about 142.86ms which is blazing fast. You can see the present data here.

Hostwinds does lot of things to obtain these scores. I’ll name and describe a few. They do performance analysis to test the CSS, JavaScript and image optimization and scan for mismatched codes and fix them. The do Apache optimization too, so your site handle traffic spikes and DDOS attacks in future. As a part of their speed optimization program they optimize MYSQL to reduce the CPU usage and low disk input/output. You can also read our own web performance optimization guide.

Hostwinds Performance


Uptime is a very important thing when it comes to have online business. Just imagine, how can you expect to earn when your site is not accessible to the user? It’s very much important for us to properly check for uptime before recommending any host to our readers.

Hostwinds has a commitment to provide 99.9% uptime to their customers. In our in-house uptime test we got an average uptime of 99.96% which is higher than the industry standard. Also, to keep your data safe the storage is setup in RAID form for faster read/write and better security of data. See the present data here.

Hostwinds Uptime


Support is vital role every hosting services team should provide. Major EIG brands have proved to provide a poor support to their customers. Technical support from the hosting provider is very much needed to keep your site up and performing smoothly.

With Hostwinds you will get support from a dedicated trained support team to solve your issues. You get multiple options to connect to them. You can connect to them via live chat, email, phone and ticket system. The support team is online 24x7 round the year to sort out all the issues and keep your site up and running.


Prices of each plan has been set properly by Hostwinds, justifying the services and features. Price of shared plans begin from 3.74$/mo. which includes dedicated IP and free site migration and setup.

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Shared Pricing

Name Description Price
StartUp 1 website & unlimited space $3.74/mo.
GrowBig 4 sites & 20GB space $5.24/mo.
GrowGeek Multiple sites & 30GB space $7.74/mo.


  • All SSD storage.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers.
  • Free site migration.
  • Free dedicated IP.
  • Route Optimized Networking.
  • 60-Days money back guarantee.
  • Server hardening and DDOS protection


  • Higher price of renewal.
  • Datacentre’s only in USA.

What’s good about Hostwinds

Free Dedicated IP

Hostwinds provides a free dedicated IP with all its shared hosting plans. Dedicated IP is a good for business identity also removes all chances of neglecting spammy websites on a shared host.


With Hostwinds you get access to free CDN from Cloudflare, this helps to make your site load faster by caching you content all around the globe. Along with free CDN you do get access to free basic web application firewall for online safety of your site.

Cloudflare Firewall
Img: Cloudflare

Also, you get a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt to get the green padlock and make you site secure. Google has already stated the SSL is going to be a ranking factor.

Performance Optimization

Hostwinds does free performance optimization to make your site fast as wind. First, they test your CSS, JavaScript and Images for possible optimization and then fix all misconfigured codes. Further they optimize your Apache webserver for better performance and security. Then they do database optimization, so your site uses less server resources and shows a better performance.

Hostwinds Features

Long Moneyback Period

What if you buy a plan and don’t like it?

You will surely need to have your money back, right? Hence longer the moneyback period, better for the user.

We have reviewed many host and 30 days was the average moneyback period, which is enough. But Hostwinds have taken it to another level by providing 2 months (60 Days) of moneyback period. Isn’t that nice?

What’s not good about Hostwinds

Backup and Restore are paid feature

Many hosting providers have a free backup and restore option like GreenGeeks, but this is a paid feature in case of Hostwinds. We believe that backup and restore should be a free feature at this price point for security of site and content.

Our Verdict

Hostwinds has got a great support team and lots of interesting stuff behind. They provide blazing fast hosting services accompanied by a great uptime. Hostwinds is a great hosting provider all around. They get sure thumbs up from us for their dedicated support and great performance commitment.

Bonus Info: Always use a CDN with your website, it helps to make it faster and secure. Free Cloudflare plan is also recommended.