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Want your site to rank no.1 on Google? Read this, guaranteed output.
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SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is alien art for most of you. Some might think it’s a rocket science but it’s easy to master you just need to follow all steps and guidelines.

Just imagine you wrote an awesome article but, you don’t have anyone to read.

That’s not good.

Some crappy SEO agencies take lot of money but provide no results, to bring up a solution we came up with our own updated SEO guide to rank high on Google search results.

This SEO guide will teach how to optimize your content and help you to rank high on Google search results.

So, there are two types of SEO:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

To make sure your content ranks well you need to optimize your page for both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

Meta Title and Description

Meta title and description are very important to have a better click through rate. Better CTR tells Google that this article is relevant to the search term and they should rank it high on Google search results.

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To write appealing meta title and description you need to be a bit creative. Add your keyword to your title as well as your description (tip: don’t stuff your keyword, Google will punish you for that). Make sure to include texts like updated or the year to make viewers click it.

Content is the king

Your article should provide value to the reader. Why would they read something which is not useful to them? Try to write a broad descriptive article, one which goes on and on. This will keep the reader engaged. A recent article by MOZ stated that a blog post length should be somewhere between 2,350 and 2,425 words to rank.

Try to write a content which covers the whole topic and gives the reader lots and lots of value.

Include Images

Images are attractive as well as informative. Blog post with images have proven to rank better than those who don’t include images. It also increases the on-page time which is also a ranking factor.

When using images also remember to add alt text to your images to get benefit of Google image search.

UI and UX

Focus on customer satisfaction. Each visitor is your customer. Make sure your site has a great UI and UX so that the visitor does not faces any difficulty while browsing your site.


Apart from UI and UX do focus on your website load time. Google has announced that load time would be a ranking factor. Don’t choose a two-dollar hosting provider. Remember, you get what you pay for. Choose a reliable hosting provider. Also try to implement a CDN, it will help your site to load fast around the globe, it is the same reason we have a multi CDN setup here on NutPanda.

You can also have a look at our web performance optimization guide to see if you can implement them to load your site fast.

Enable HTTPS

Our customer is a valuable aspect in our business, it’s our duty to keep their data and user experience safe. Google has announced the https will be a ranking signal and moreover with the new chrome update most non-https sites would be marked insecure.


We did our independent research and notice that Google does not gives any benefit to sites having https but does punish non-https site and I think having an https is good option.

Internal Linking

Internal linking means that you are linking one of your article to any other article within your site. This helps to create an authority for the page.

Don’t just link every random page, link to those which are relevant to your article. This also adds a value for your reader. You need to strategically link to your important articles and create sense of importance around that article.


On page SEO infogrphic

Feel free to embed this infographic on your site by providing proper link back. Below is a embed code using our high performance CDN.(Below code contains image link for fully scaled image aswell which is much more suitable for download )

<div style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img src=""></a></div>
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Off-page SEO

Link Building

Though it might look spammy but there is always a good way to do this. After you have written and published a great content (Great means something really good) reach out to relevant sites in your niche and tell them why they should link to you. Most of them would reject but you will surely face some good remarks.

Social Media Optimization

Everyone is on social media these days, also your potential visitors too. Make sure you are connected to your target audience through social media platform. Try to interact with them.

If possible, try to help them to solve their problem related to your domain. This builds a trust factor which increases conversion rate. Also try to write article which gets more social shares, articles like any real-life research tends to get more shares than other. So, focus on your content.

Stay connected on forums

Forums like Quora and Reddit can drive traffic in crazy numbers. Do you from where did I get my first client? It was a forum. To get that you need to be helpful and generously all possible questions you could answer.

Add some value for your readers, in this way they will indirectly get connected to you and your brand.

SEO Data

So in order to rank high on Google:

  • Enable HTTPS
  • Write catchy meta title and description
  • Generously link out
  • Create internal linking
  • Develop a better user experience
  • Don’t try to stuff keywords
  • Connect on social media platforms
  • Try to answer or join any relevant discussion on a forum
  • Provide value
  • Maintain a good website performance

That’s all your site needs to begin its journey for SEO. These will help you to make sure that your article will get ample number of visitors. Also make sure you maintain healthy relationship and don’t just run after making money. Try to create a brand consciousness among your readers. Develop trust and bonding. Provide great value. These things will help you in long run.

Need any help? Confused about anything? Feel free to get in touch via mail or our social media handles. You can find link in the footer area.

Pro Tip: SEO takes time, you need to keep putting effort and patiently wait, you will surely get results not instantly but someday for sure.